Cabinet Search


Talented senior staff at your District Office is a must-have for any forward thinking school district that is aiming to improve service and performance in the challenging world of public ed.  You can no longer afford to post a job on a handful of websites and hope that great people will apply.

We were the first search firm in the Pacific Northwest to focus on providing cabinet-level search support.  Our client list is rich in school districts that are pleased to have partnered with us in hiring Assistant Superintendents, CFOs, Directors of Human Resources, Directors of Facilities, and other critical central office roles.

Our process of identifying talented leaders, and our process of supporting elected school boards, are steeped in a value system based on Equity, Fairness, and Principled Search which zeroes in on providing an outstanding process that attracts remarkable talent to the District’s senior level of leadership.  We look forward to discussing with you how we can assist in your next recruitment.