Superintendent of Schools

Dallas School District

Lead in an extraordinary Willamette Valley community.

Located on the west side of the Willamette Valley and just before you begin climbing into the Coast Range, you will find Dallas Oregon, a quiet community whose beginnings were in agriculture and timber. It was settled in 1840 as Cynthian and named Dallas in honor of Vice President George Mifflin Dallas in 1852. Today, you will find rye grass fields, hazelnut orchards, a wildlife refuge, beautiful parks, and numerous wineries. The downtown will welcome you with antique shops, tasting rooms, a library, bakeries, and the county seat courtyard. Dallas School District is proud to serve and support Dallas and the surrounding area with 8 schools including 2 charter schools. Over 400 employees support close to 3200 students. A newly created Dallas Virtual Academy is providing online education to DSD students.


This position is currently only avaiable to individuals who are current or past employees of the Dallas School District.