Winooski School District,

Winooski Vermont  (Burlington area)

Forthcoming Mid-February


This is why you became an Educational Leader.


Every once in a while, a superintendency opens that is so remarkable and so exciting that we think maybe we should use the cliché “dream job” to describe it.  We are not big on cliches, but if there is a dream job superintendency out there, this could be is it.  Quite possibly, you’ve been waiting your whole career for this.

First, a riddle:  In what state will you find the newest, most beautiful, most state-of-the-art school building located in the single most ethnically diverse school district in the state – one which also happens to be one of the state’s least affluent?

Perhaps one day we will be able to say that this happens in every state, because of course it should.  But we all know that the actuality of public education is that, sadly, in almost all cases, the opposite happens.

Except… in Vermont.

Winooski, Vermont is likely a place you’ve never heard of.  We think it’s time you did.  A small suburb of the very understated yet beautiful, cool, hip lakeside city of Burlington, Vermont – Winooski is an absolutely amazing place.

With just under 1000 students, Winooski School District boasts a sizeable population of students from Nepal, Myanmar, Congo, Vietnam, Somalia and many other countries who speak any of nineteen languages.  Winooski’s small neighborhoods boast some of the most fascinating cultural experiences to be found anywhere in Vermont.  This tight-knit, small, and remarkably cosmopolitan community is  a place worth knowing – and living.

And there’s more.  Winooski’s schools are all located on a single campus of a spectacularly gorgeous brand new facility.  This is a superintendency where you will know all your staff and your families, and you’ll greet children with high-fives as they walk in the main entrance.  This is a school district with an unabashed commitment to anti-racist education and to truly wrapping services around the whole child – including a medical clinic and a needs store located just inside the front doors.  This is a district where staff work hard, well beyond the classroom, to support the needs of their families.  Staff routinely say that they couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

This might well be the superintendency for which you’ve been waiting.  Our vacancy will open later in February.  In the meantime, if you think you or someone you know might be interested, please send a resume to