School Superintendent Search


There is nothing more important, more critical to your long-term mission, than hiring an executive leader for your school district. It is the single-most important determinant of your success.

Over the past decade, we have established ourselves as one of the most respected Superintendent Search firms in the United States. Although focused in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where we are best-known, our associates have served school boards as far away as Virginia and Maryland to the east, and California and New Mexico to the south. Please see our list of satisfied clients here.

Our process of identifying talented leaders, and our process of supporting elected school boards, are steeped in a value system based on Equity, Fairness, and Principled Search which zeroes in on providing an outstanding process that attracts remarkable talent to the Superintendency. As a result, we are able to boast an exceptional record of longevity for the superintendents we seat.